Peep Show

I came across this awesome sight in Bangor, north Wales when doing a charity cycle ride around Wales. I love the fact there is a girl on the corner too, pure accident mind you as she […]

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High Street, Rhondda

Tonypandy was once a booming town, but is now just a shadow of its former self. A former industrial coal mining town, today Tonypandy is best known as the site of the 1910 Tonypandy Riots.

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Rhondda Book Fair 2016

Dave will be among the writers showcasing his work at this year’s Rhondda Book Fair, held at the Soar Centre, Penygraig on Sat 3rd Sept. He will have a selection of his books plus A6 […]

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Mighty Cod

Always a welcome sight after several pints of Rhymney beer at ‘The Wonky’. This Pontypridd takeaway is a bit of a landmark at the start of Taff Street. *Although it seems to have had a […]

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West of England

Took this image of The West of England pub in the part of Newport known as Pill, just across the road from the iconic Transporter Bridge.  The pub is well know for being inhabited by local drug dealing pondlife […]

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Gold… Next?

With the wonderful economic policies of the current Tory government (Cameron & Osborne) the poorest areas in the UK have all seen a huge rise in shops offering to ‘Buy Gold’ from us. Think about […]

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Dinas Flats

The Dinas Flats that have been part of the Rhondda landscape for 40 years were finally demolished in early 2016 to make way for smart new houses for families. The decision to demolish the Appletree Avenue flats […]

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New Tredegar Pub

I used to live down Adamsdown, near Splott, in Cardiff. It was in 1986-1987. It was a great place to be then. A vibrant, multicultural, 24hr party place. A bit rough, but very friendly too. […]

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All Things Bright And Beautiful

The shot below was taken in Hirwaun and I thought it nice to juxtapose the closed down building with children’s artwork (I’m guessing more funding cuts) with the tanning suite next door. The writing on the billboard […]

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Photo Exhibition

Dave will be exhibiting some of his images at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre from Friday, 15/04/2016 – Friday 06/05/2016. The centre has a large exhibition space so why not pop along and see the photographs close […]

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What Camera?

I often get asked the question what camera should I buy from people just starting out in digital photography. Well, the answer is, whatever you fancy really! OK, I know, you want more than that […]

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Brown Lennox

Took this photograph back in 2007 just before the site was finally demolished. Talking to the workmen at the site they showed me hundreds of syringes that drug addicts had left discarded amongst the ruins that […]

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You may have heard a lot of talk about the ‘cloud’ or ‘cloud storage’ etc. and wondered what the hell that is all about. Well, a cloud is just an area of storage space for […]

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The Plaza

This very imposing cinema building on Talbot Road opened at Easter 25th March 1940. It looks like a typical ‘Odeon’ circuit cinema, but it was always operated as an independent. It closed as a cinema […]

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Stroppy Joe’s

Saw this shot over the Christmas holidays. Very busy ice cream kiosk during the summer months but like most businesses at the seaside in the UK they close in the cold, winter months. I don’t know […]

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🙂 glances of accusation at the swings Nazi mothers protecting ‘Poppy’ from paedophile photographers – naked without my labrador More here.

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Porth High Street

Walking down the once busy Hannah Street in Porth, in late 2015, I was struck by the fantastic colours on this shop. Just around the corner though is a boarded-up pub, a number of closed shops, failed […]

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Craft Fayre – Dec 15

Dave will be at the Positively Ponty craft fayre in Clwb Y Bont, Pontypridd, to talk about his books and photography on Saturday, 12th December. His paperbacks and A5 photo cards will be for sale from […]

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Halal Meat, Cardiff

I took this shot early on a Saturday morning in Cardiff – the capital city of Wales. A country that I feel ashamed to say is obviously quite comfortable with Muslim (and similar Jewish) inhumane […]

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Exhibition – Nov 15

Dave will be exhibiting some of his images, and will also be available to talk about his writing at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre on Saturday, 28th November 2015. The centre has a large exhibition space so […]

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The Future Is Bright

I took this shot of the ‘Bright House’ sign with the empty building above. For me it symbolises the ’empty-headedness’ of buying electrical goods on the ‘tick’. The increase of such shops is a symptom of […]

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Shutter Speed – Aperture – ISO

Here is another chart which helps explain the relationship between shutter speed, lens aperture and ISO settings on a modern camera. Of course the trick is to cleverly combine these three very different techniques.

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Although Neath can rival Pontypridd in the ‘nice town, bit rough’ stakes there are still some great old buildings to be found there. This shot shows the fantastic heritage that we have in Wales. A […]

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RCT Literature Festival

Dave read 3 poems from his ‘Roadkill‘ collection at the RCT Literature Festival on the weekend. He was also showing some of his A6 photo cards with over 100 different travel images now available!

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Take Away

Where the current Aberystwyth student nightlife gravitates – exotic fast-food culture instead of good old fashioned, seaside fish and chips. Sign of the times? Erosion of our own culture? The benefits of multiculturalism? You decide.

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Lens Aperture Settings

People are always asking me to explain how apertures work. Well they say a picture paints a thousand words so here it is: Basically, the higher the f number the smaller the aperture, less light […]

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It’s Magic!

Took this shot in Tonypandy on a rainy August morning in 2015.  A former industrial coal mining town, today Tonypandy is best known as the site of the Tonypandy Riots.  At the moment though, high unemployment, a run-down, […]

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GCSE English?

I’m not a fan of blatant vandalism, like this shot from the old Pontypridd precinct, but I had to laugh when I read that ‘Trunksy’ (whoever that might be?) was not only ‘fat’ and ‘gay’ […]

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Valley Lines

Took this shot of the old train station at Aberdare in the summer of 2015. Whilst it’s nice to see Valley Lines cleaning up the railway stations and spending money on modern platforms I can’t […]

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Welsh Culture

An image that highlights a modern Aberystwyth: The austerity-hit council having to sell off a library building in this once-proud Welsh town. As more and more English settlers move in, buy up property and force out […]

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