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I’m a south Wales photographer, based in Pontypridd, with an interest in travel, wildlife & urban decay.

You might also want to check out my ‘Photographic Composition‘ (e-book) for handy tips on improving your own shots.

All images are copyrighted and no unauthorised use is permitted.  I do also sell images to individuals and local business.  If you’d like to purchase something just send me an email here.

I also have a photo blog where I upload new images every month or so.  These are mostly urban decay images from around south Wales, although I also post the odd bit of information on: camera stuff, exhibitions, events etc.

Other pages…



Blogclick here

A selection of images, news and articles.



Walesclick here

A selection of landscape images from around Wales.


Urban Decay
click here

A selection of street scenes, old buildings, urban decay, mostly from around south Wales.



Wildlifeclick here

A small selection of nature images. Many more to be added…



Europeclick here

A few images from various European countries.



Africaclick here

A few images from Africa. More to come later…



Americasclick here

A few images from USA and Antigua.



Asiaclick here

A few images from Philippines and Sri Lanka.



Oceaniaclick here

A few images from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.


More coming soon…