Dave Lewis, MoroccoDave Lewis is a photographer from Pontypridd, South Wales. He has been taking photographs for over 30 years and lectured digital photography & Photoshop for many years at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre. His main interests are travel, wildlife & urban decay.

Most of these images can be purchased online as fine art photographic prints or canvas prints. He also produces small handmade A6 cards of many of his photos.

Dave has sold his work to local businesses and individuals for many years. He often displays his work at various centres and galleries around south Wales.

In May 2010, after a few years of teaching photography in Church Village, south Wales, Dave started the Gartholwg Camera Club which seeks to encourage and nuture local photographers. The group grew from just a handful of photographers to over 80 members in just a few short years. There are now two groups, which still meet up, every week, in the ‘real world’. And there is also a Flickr group in the ‘not so real world’.

In October 2014, Dave published his first non-fiction book – ‘Photography Composition‘ – an introduction to the rules and principles of good photographic composition. This e-book is available for download from Amazon and contains over 60 images.

In October 2017 he released a second photography e-book – Basic Photoshop.

Dave can be contacted via this website, his under-used Twitter account and sometimes on his neglected Facebook page.

“I taught myself how to use a SLR when in University. I bought a Pentax P30 way back in 1986 and didn’t have a clue. This was before the Internet of course and I just experimented with shutter speeds and apertures until I worked out what they did. I took shots with different settings then tried to remember what aperture I took them on while waiting weeks for the films to be developed. It was a very slow learning curve! I then moved on to a Canon 1000 with some kit lenses before I upgraded to an old secondhand Canon 5, which was an awesome camera. I used mainly Fujifilm 200 and the odd roll of Kodachrome 64.

“I didn’t really get into digital at the start because prices were so high but eventually bought a Canon 30D and a kit lens. I saved up for a Sigma 10-20mm (wide-angle), then got a Canon f4L 28-70mm and finally a Canon, f2.8L 70-200mm (zoom lens). Most of the shots on this website were taken with this combo. I then traded in my 30D for a 50D.

“A few years later I bought a Fuji X100S, a small compact camera with a fixed 28mm lens (35mm with crop factor) which soon became my main camera as the images were so sharp.

“However, disillusioned by the constant ‘strive for perfection’ in modern photography, especially with the aid of computer software I decided to give away my DSLR camera (the Canon 50D) to my daughter, take a few years off from photography and try to enjoy the things I used to photograph but without a camera.

“I did promise myself that if I ever went back to Africa I would buy a decent zoom lens though. So flights booked I’ve just sold my other lenses and bought a Canon 7D Mk II and a 100-400mm lens. Watch this space for the results, lol.”

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