Dave Lewis, MoroccoDave Lewis is a photographer from Pontypridd, South Wales. He has been taking photographs for over 30 years and lectured digital photography & Photoshop for many years at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre. His main interests are travel, wildlife & urban decay.

He uses a fab Fuji X100S and an old Canon 50D. He has a Sigma, 10-20mm (wide-angle) and a Canon, f2.8L 70-200mm (zoom lens). This website showcases some of his older work but will hopefully be updated with new images over time.

Most of these images can be purchased online as fine art photographic prints or canvas prints. He also produces small handmade A6 cards of many of his photos.

Dave has sold his work to local businesses and individuals for many years. He often displays his work at various centres and galleries around south Wales.

In May 2010, after a few years of teaching photography in Church Village, south Wales, Dave started the Gartholwg Camera Club which seeks to encourage and nuture local photographers. The group grew from just a handful of photographers to over 80 members in just a few short years. There are now two groups, which still meet up, every week, in the ‘real world’. And there is also a Flickr group in the ‘not so real world’.

In October 2014, Dave published his first non-fiction book – ‘Photography Composition‘ – an introduction to the rules and principles of good photographic composition. This e-book is available for download from Amazon and contains over 60 images.

Disillusioned by the constant ‘strive for perfection’ in modern photography, especially with the aid of computer software Dave decided to give away his DSLR camera (the Canon 50D) to his daughter, take a few years off from photography and try to enjoy the things he used to photograph without a camera. He does occasionally take a few snaps with his small compact and hopes to return to the art form very soon.

In October 2017 he released a second photography e-book – Basic Photoshop. He is thinking of buying a new Canon 7D Mk II and going to Africa for a couple of weeks…

He can be contacted via this website, his under-used Twitter account and sometimes on his neglected Facebook page.

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