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Sunset, Bohol, Philippines

Sunset, Bohol, Philippines
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I’m a south Wales photographer, based in Pontypridd, with an interest in travel, wildlife & urban decay.

You might also want to check out my ‘Photographic Composition‘ (e-book) or ‘Basic Photoshop‘ (e-book) for handy tips on improving your own shots.

All images are copyrighted and no unauthorised use is permitted.  I do also sell images to individuals and local business.  If you’d like to purchase something just send me an email here.

I also have a photo blog where I upload new images every month or so.  These are mostly urban decay images from around south Wales, although I also post the odd bit of information on: cameras, exhibitions, lens use, events, composition, software etc.

This site only shows a small percentage of the images I have available and does not include my ‘older’ film images from Kenya, South Africa, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, India, Canada and various other travel destinations.  With a bit of luck I’ll manage to revisit some of these awesome places and add some new images soon.

Also you might be interested in clicking the ‘adverts’ on the side of the page.  I’ve tried to add a few sites that may be of interest to photographers.

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